Here's a list of fully-built, ready-to-play Z-Max guitars we have available for sale. Some may offer certain upgrades which are noted on that guitar's spec page (click the thumbnails to see.) But feel free to inquire about any other customization you might want done, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with an estimate!

This page is updated frequently as guitars are made and sold. Only guitars that are currently for sale are listed here - once a guitar is sold, it's taken down and archived in the Guitar Gallery. No two Z-Max guitars are exactly the same, but if the one you wanted isn't available, we'd be more than happy to make another of the same design and any other features you might want.

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Z-Max Shadow, Solid maple body, Maple neck/maple fretboard, 24 fret with shark tooth inlay, Floyd Rose locking trem and nut,Recessed "claw" trem cavity, Gotoh sealed tuners, Dimarzio "Super Distortion" Handmade trim and 2 single coil pickups.

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Z-Max Shadow, one piece maple body, Maple neck/rosewood fingerboard, 24 fret, Reversed headstock, Schaller fine tuner fixed bridge, Schaller nut, Gotoh sealed tuners Dimarzio "Fred" and 2 single coil pickups, Handmade trim, Schaller strap locks

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Z-Max Nashville Lester Poplar body, Mahogany neck/rosewood fingerboard, Trap inlay, Trapeze string stop, Schaller adjustable string spacing bridge, Handmade bone nut Recessed cavity cover, Golden Age pickups neck and bridge, Double coil tap in both pickups with 3 way double coil tap switches and standard 3 way pickup selector; this simple looking and easy to use set of controls gives you access to over 15 pickup configurations