Guitar Maintenance and Repair

All jobs are priced on an individual basis but generally run within the following ranges. Unless otherwise noted, prices do not include parts.

Service and Pricing table
Bench fee/Diagnostic/Inspection $20
Complete set up $40
Double locking bridges and 12 strings $45
Restring and tune (most instruments) $10-15
Replace nut $20-25
Handmade bone nut or saddle
12 string and Mandolin
Handmade brass nut
12 string and mandolin
Routing nut slot or lock nut shelf $30-40
Routing acoustic saddle slot $35-45
Re-glue loose bridge $60-80
Replace acoustic bridge (w/ set-up) $80-120
Replace Tuners $25-35
Replace acoustic pickguard $30-40
Replace bolt-on neck (w/ set up) $40
Routing for pickup $40-50
Pickguard routing for pickup $25-35
Routing and installation of Double locking bridge $200-250
Blocking of floating bridge $15-20
Install under saddle acoustic pickup $45
Install sound hole pickup $30
Install on-board acoustic pickup system $80-120
Repair/touch up crack in acoustic body $75-175
Repair/touch up cracked headstock $50-150
Acoustic neck reset (may require refret and can vary greatly) $150-350
Complete refret
+additional fee for bound and/or lacquered necks
+additional fee for gibson "nibs"
Partial refrets $10-14/per fret
Fret dressing (level, crown and polish) $70
Scalloping $8-12/per fret
Neck finishing/refinishing $100-150
Body finishing/refinishing $250-600
Pickup installation $30-40
Active pickup installation $65
Replace pot $25
Replace jack $15
Replace pickup selector $40-45
Add coil tap or phase switch $25-30
Install push/pull pot $30
Complete re-wire $40-80
Clean pots and switches $10-20
(note: wiring on F-hole instruments may require an additional fee of $20-40)