We always aim to please and love to hear what you have to say about our products, so we created this space just to share what feedback customers have had with us! We welcome anyone who owns a Z-Max product to shoot us an E-mail and let us know what you think!

Matt, Albany NY, Nov 8 2012

I love this guitar! I've been trying to come up with some sort of review to post that doesn't sound hokey or overblown. its tough though because she evokes such a strong emotional, almost sexual response, that is very hard to put into words!!

It's an extremely playable guitar, and the tone is everything I wanted. The bridge pickup is exactly what I meant when I said " a lot of snot!" and the neck pickup gives me everything I wanted but didn't think I could have. It was Tom, over at Z-Max Guitars, who suggested the Dimarzio Air Norton with a coil tap and he was right on: Harmonically rich, especially for a neck pickup, yet silky smooth. Plus the coil tap is actually pretty fat. It has that distinctive single coil/neck position sound that I love, but without any of the noticeable drop in volume commonly associated with switching from a double to a single!

As for the look of the guitar, pictures definitely don't do it justice! The finish really came out nice. The shine is exactly what I was looking for but couldn't verbalize. Those guys are like mind readers over there. As for the wood itself, I really wasn't sure what to expect. When you're looking at chunks of wood, you're really not sure what you're gonna get. But again, the guys at Z-Max must've known, because it looks great!

The entire experience with them was great. They made everything easy, seemed to know what I wanted even when I didn't, walked me through the process, and kept me posted from start to finish. That part was actually really cool too. I knew a lot went into building a guitar, but when I saw it happening step by step through their updates, I had no idea..... Plus it's nice to know that your guitar is actually being built, and not just sitting in a pile of order forms at some factory.

I am a big fan of the more traditional axe styles. I won't play anything else and Z-Max has a pretty broad range: from classic styles to new original designs. And my Spellcaster is the best of both worlds! Traditional, yet a bit different, without losing the integrity of either.
Plus, with every guitar they make being a hand-made original, tailored to the individual's personal taste and specs, you really get a made to fit instrument that's a dream to play. Knowing I have the only one and that it was made just for me has really inspired me. I've been playing guitar my entire life, but I haven't played this much in long time.

Great job Z-Max and thanks!

Matt P.

Mark, Excelsior MN, May 09th 2013

Tom is a great person to work with. The communication and progress reports were very thorough. His craftsmanship is excellent.

Xiaoxi, Gaithersburg MD, Aug 01st 2013

Tom responded to my post looking for someone to build an audio workstation desk. I was initially reluctant to go with someone out of state (I'm in MD, he's in NY) due to it being a large furniture. But my skepticism quickly disappeared when he clearly showed that he understood the technical needs and the need for proper communication. After dealing with a previous person that ended badly and with others that were obvious they were not good communicators, Tom's professionalism easily shone through.

Every step of the way, Tom meticulously documented the progress and kept me in the loop as if I'm right there. He gave me the peace of mind knowing I made the right investment. He also had a very close attention to detail that I couldn't appreciate more. Tom clearly showed that he was as passionate about doing this right as me. He took initiatives to get things done correctly where ever I couldn't account for.

The final product is absolutely beautiful. I love the new desk and it's extremely comfortable in look, feel, and functionality. By now it should be very apparent: Tom is a true and honest professional who is very passionate about his craft. He should be the one working on your next project.

Emma, Seattle WA, Aug 27th 2013

Tom worked with me to create a custom mini harp guitar ornament for a good friend of mine. I was so impressed by the level of detail in his work, and he went above and beyond to make sure the final product was to my satisfaction.

During the entire build, he kept me up-to-date with everything he did in great detail. I felt very involved with the process. He was also respectful towards my budget, but did not spend any less time or quality of craftsmanship than he would any other piece. I was impressed with his resourcefulness, especially because my piece required such small additions, and he did a phenomenal job finding replicas of parts that were realistic.

It is clear that Tom is enthusiastic and passionate about his craft, and it shows in his work. I couldn't be more pleased. It has been a pleasure to have Tom bring my idea to life, and I look forward to working with him again.

George, Cairo NY, September 8, 2013

Now this is a shop that will bring more life and custom work to the table instead of picking a shape and color that is already done up for people. Na not with Z-max, you can come up with an idea and Z-max will do what others will not do and that is come up with a way to make it work.

Mkeegan2, September 11, 2013

No question. They make awesome instruments. They are top notch.

Matt, Medusa NY, October 4 2013

The guitar is amazing I absolutely love it!

Travis, Idaho, November 18 2013

Review of Custom Tribal
I have never in my life dealt with a more professional individual than Tom. He kept me informed throughout the entire process of building my guitar. The finished product was immaculate and the process was awesome. I would recommend Tom to anyone at all that would listen to what I have to say. Not only is he an expert with wood, but he plays as well, so you really get the whole package by choosing him. If you don't believe me, look at his work, mine is the tribal warrior and the rest of his work is impeccable as well. I can't say enough that Gibson and Epiphone should not only take some pointers from Tom on quality and craftsmanship, but customer service, before, during, and after the sale as well. I will NEVER go anywhere else! Thank you Tom, you truly have a gift and are the very best!

Jeromy, Kingston NY, March 2 2014

Just picked up my very own Z-Max Guitars T2 Conqueror, and all I can say is WOW!!! This is by far one of the nicest built guitars I've ever laid my hands on! Beautiful job!!

Joe Who, L.A. california, April 25 2014

Toms designs can be traditional with a hot rod touch to something just out of hell. All Z-Max guitars are hand made, necks and all, by a master of all things guitar. Tom Zurawel had studied every aspect of the guitar since his early childhood, both in playing technique and the workings of the guitar. When I first met Tom he showed me a cut out piece of paper that looked like a misshapen Strat or Musicmaster. He told me it was cut that way to be perfectly balanced. That paper cutout became the Shadow, Tom can balance it at the neck joint on one finger. The Dream Wraith is one of the most striking and artistic designs I have ever seen. The natural finish with the burned in skulls is frighteningly breathtaking. One of my favorite things Z-Max does is the wood fittings, like the knobs on volume and tone pots, pickup rings, and jackplates.

When you buy a Z-Max guitar you will not only be getting a masterfully crafted instrument that looks and plays great, you are also getting a masterfully hand made work of art. Its really just that simple, Tom is an artist.

I have known Tom a long time, and I can with absolutely no doubt say that Tom has spent most of his life dedicated to the guitar. I personally would ONLY trust someone so passionate and knowledgeable about the instrument as Tom is with my custom baby.

Im Joe Who and I approve Z-Max guitars